Ursa Major (CD)


More fabulous Scottish tunes from the Black Bear Duo.


Product Description

More wonderful music from Iain and Emma, Ursa Major is a collection of 11 more of the fabulous tune sets that makes us love them so much!


1. Mrs McLeod/ Cuidich’n Righ/ Cock O’ the North/ One Hundred Pipers
2. Jacobits by Name/ The Gael/ Knockdhu Reel/ Billy Thorn’s Reel
3. The Hummingbird
4. Lowe’s Hornpipe/ Mr John Trotter/ Miss Thompson’s Hornpipe
5. Alasdair an Duin/ Tom McKerron’s Reel
6. Morag Hutton;s Strathspey/ Easy Club Reel/ Mr Andy Broon’s Reel
7. Archie’s Welcome/ Viva La Pas/ Road to Skye
8. Smith’s a Gallant Fireman/ Cropie’s Strathspey/ Iron Man
9. Black Air
10. Cullen Bay/ Schottis fran Havero/ Huon Like a Fit/ Andy Renwick’s Ferret
11. De’il Among the Tailors/ Fairy Dance/ High Road to Linton/ Ale is Dear


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