The Dancing Bear (Double CD)


A double-CD chock-full of the best in Scottish Country Dancing sets from Iain McKenzie and Emma Nixon.  Arranged for dance.

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The latest from the Black Bear DuoThe Dancing Bear is a special 2 CD release of tunes arranged for Scottish Country Dancing.


1. Ruby Rant (R8x32)
2. Triple Happiness (S3x32)
3. Orpington Caledonian (R8x32)
4. Miss Mary Stirling’s Hornpipe (H4x32)
5. Napier’s Index (J8x40)
6. Emma Nixon Strathspey (S8x32)
7. Festival Fling (R8x32)
8. Pelorus Jack (J8x32)
9. De’il Among the Tailors (R8x32)

1. Catch the Wind (R8x32)
2. Viva La Paz (J8x32)
3. The Everlasting Friendship (S4x48)
4. Anne Archdeacon Reel (R4x40)
5. The Quiet Achiever (M8x32)
6. Best Set In The Hall (J8x32)
7. The Queensland Twosome (R8x32)
8. C’est Si Bon (R8x32)
9. Waltz for Peter Ellis (W6x32)


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